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    So last week I posted on my dog's scooting behavior. As I mentioned, she did not need her anal sacs expressed. So it was decided it was worms. She was dewormed last Tuesday. She had had diarheaa pretty much all of last week, albeit a bland diet of rice/turkey. Then it was OK, but just yesterday she had it again. This time there was someb amber-y fluid, texture looked like egg whites. Weird! I dismissed it, and kept her on the bland diet. She has been doing well, when she had the same type of diarheaa tonight! Any ideas as to what it could be? She is playing/acting normal except for that. ???? PLEASE HELP!
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    Worming can be tough on them so, try adding a tablespoon of plain regular yogurt with her meals. Any time I worm my dogs they get yogurt for a few days.

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