Dog injured my Hen

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  1. MamaChick73

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    Mar 29, 2017
    Our dog bit my hen around the head area. One eye is shut. The other is open and reacting to light. She had cuts on her comb that stopped bleeding. She also had some swelling to her face where her nostrils are with blood tinged mucus drainage. this happened four days ago. I brought her inside away from the others to heal. She is not eating at all. she looks like she is hungry but just sort of touches the food with her beak and doesn't pick it up. I have been syringe feeding her water with electrolytes and acv. Dog bites are nasty and I fear infection. I have some Bactrim DS and cipro available. Does anyone have any advice? She seems to want to live. I'd hate to cull her as she is a family pet and her injuries don't seem so severe.
  2. 336White Phoenix

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    May 30, 2018
    To me it sounds like the best thing to do is take her to a vet and see what they say
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    Hi MamaChick,
    If you can get her to a vet that would be best.

    If you can take some photos of the injuries and post them here it will help people to offer advice. The wounds will need to be kept clean. I don't know about using those medications for her, hopefully someone else will.
    Considering she is not eating at all I would get some poultry vitamins into her. Have you tried offering her some cooked egg? Most will take that if they are going to take anything. You could also try soaking her feed for her.

    I would wonder about the blood tinged mucous. It's impossible to know whether there is internal injury or not. She will need to start getting food in if she is to heal anyway.

    Hopefully with some photos people here can offer you some advice.

    Good luck, I hope she at begins taking food.

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