Dog-proof Run Ideas?


10 Years
Jan 18, 2010
Hi everyone I'm finishing up my chicken coop and designing my run but I have a problem my Pekingese/King Charles Spaniel Mix. He's about the size of Pekingese but very determined and relentless. He already has killed two of my Silkie Chickens. So I thinking about having a wood fence so he can't even see the chickens or all cattle fence or poultry fence, or the back and sides wood and the front metal. This is also useful so my neighbors won't see my chickens. I also need something within a budget. My chicken coop isn't exactly the nicest but not bad for my first building project so it doesn't need to last forever. I know this question has been asked 1 million times but I would appreciate your help. Thanks!
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Hi! We have a husky and several other stray-ish dogs and coyotes here. I put up an electric fence and have had no more problems ... except that I had to re-string the fence when the husky got shocked and took off with part of the fence. She hasn't messed with them since. A couple of other times I have found dog dog hair on the line, but no one has gotten in to the chickens. I would think it to be a better investment than the wooden fence since the dogs will still smell the birds and try t dig in. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!
Electric fence..

Or add hardware cloth all the way around and at least 1 foot out like a skirt/ apron

When he digs to get in..he won't be able too

Good luck
Here is what I started with...just a run. The chickens lived in this until July when I built my coop (big mistake waiting that long...toooo hot!).

After I built the coop, I had my DH, 2 sons, and one of their friends pick it up and move it to the coop. I attached it at the pop door and laid the wire apron down, and staked the wire down with tent stakes I found at Walmart.

Then when it got real cold and windy (and snowy) I added more plastic to the sides...already had a tarp over the top.

I don't remember how much it all cost, but the 1x2 welded wire was the most expense. The run is 10x10 but you can make it much longer and wider. If you have lots of snow, you can put 2x4 braces to hold up the center ridge board...I built this mostly by myself, so it is very doable. I did need help with getting the wire on. Your dog will not be able to get in this!
Isnt a King Charles a bird dog? They are soo cute. Dog kennel panels are very easy to put up and they come in 6 foot sections at Home depot. Last time I checked they were under seventy each.

there is also a gate panel.

The good part about these is the steel across the bottom and bolt together with clamps. And like someone else said you can stack stones across the bottom to keep the dog from digging. Though a bird dog cross may just want to chase. I am guessing your dog is under knee height. Standing on her back feet would put her eye level at about three feet. You could do a short fence up to that height for a visual barrier. Something pretty like a Dog ear But a bird dog is going to respond to birdie movement shed still be able to see through the cracks and hear the flapping and rustling and it would drive her nuts to see whats on the other side.

you could also do a short height electric wire across the bottom. Something about nose height for your dog. Believe it or not It ususally only takes one zap. 27 years ago I had a Boston terrier cross who would dig under, jump over a fence and or tear at the door frame to get in the house. My parents were livid and wanted me to get rid of the dog. So I bought a fido shock and figured out how to hook it up. I was about eighteen at the time. Sounds cruel but it saved her life. From that point on she wouldnt go near the fence closer than about two feet. I left the wire up for a few months after then took it down.

It would be good for those times you cant supervise interaction. Oh and once they know the wire stings they can hear it pulse. Electric wire gives off a faint sound that dogs can hear when it pulses. Those pulses will keep her away.

You can do all these precautions with a wire fence with wood posts as well Just make sure there is a stout board at ground level to anchor the wire. happy building

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