Dog ripped out large portion of tail feather


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Brown leghorn, 6 months old layer was attacked by dog. Large wound on neck where feathers were pulled out, seems ok. The bigger issue is her tail was pretty much pulled off. Larger wound, but not much bleeding I've cleaned it with peroxide. She's eating and pooping fine, I have her in the bathroom with the AC on to keep her out of the heat of the day.

Should I try to keep her in the house for the night or return her to her 'sister' hens who are a little shaken, but ok and looking for her.

Is there any other wound care I should be doing, the neck wound I also used some tea tree ointment.

If it's just feathers torn out, they will grow back no problem. If flies are an issue where you are, keep her in till wounds are healed up that they will not get infested with eggs.
Lots of raw skin. Their coop is near the compost bin, but flies don't seem to be a problem here. I'll probably err on the side of caution though, thanks!
Did you mean not open wounds? There is definitely missing skin and a portion that has a slight flap. She is very bright eyed and active though and as I said eating.
Thanks silkiechicken, she healed up pretty quickly, I had her in a large animal crate overnight. This morning I applied some more tea tree balm and put her out with her sisters. Now to keep them all cool over the next few days! Cheers!

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