Dog run size?

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    Feb 7, 2017
    Dogs range from medium to one large. I've been up all night googling but not really finding answers. Figured seeing what you guys have personally done would be best.

    What size house with attached run would you say is best?
    Need to build 3 separate structures.

    * one for 2 medium (35-40# ea)
    low energy levels/lounges all day
    * one for 2 med (30# ea) & 1 lg (70#)
    lots of energy/always playing
    * one for 3 med (30-35# ea)
    plays some but lounges mostly

    Advice is greatly appreciated and any hacks for functionality, etc. TIA!

    It's for new structures at a new property we're building on. Right now, the first 2 are in a 100 sq ft area, first 3 in a 300 sq ft area and last 3 in a 200 sq ft area. They seem to do ok with current sizes but I'm wanting to see if you guys think we need to make adjustments before we start building their new ones.
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