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I have a rooster and 4 hens, They just started laying about 2 months ago. I was getting one or two eggs a day then none for a month. I leave their gate shut but a small door open because I like them to free range. We'll we have a small dog smaller than the chickens and the other day she had two freash eggs shells on the porch. She is small and can go right in. I dont want to chain her up or lock chickens in, Is there something I could put in a blowed out egg where she could taste it and hate eggs ? Or what are some other goods tricks ? Thanks
Known people who have filled eggs with hot mustard to stop dogs. I had one dog who liked to steal the fake wooden eggs as toys, put the spray Bitter Apple on them and it stopped him. If she is really a small dog, how is she getting up into the nesting boxes, could you put them higher or block her access if you have to for now, or is she finding eggs outside?
If the chickens have a ramp into the coop, the dog using it to enter might be the key. If you could take the ramp down and let the chickens jump or fly up or down, the dog might not be able to get in.

Another thought is the type of box that allows the egg to roll into a niche for collection. I have seen these discussed as a solution for hens that eat the eggs. This might protect the egg by preventing the dog from reaching the egg in the first place.

Yes I have a ramp for my hens to walk up to get about two feet of ground to walk in nest boxes. If I take away the ramp I guess my hens will still jump up to lay a egg there.
Smart dog if she has learned to use the ramp. You might want to put a perch or something up there in front of the nesting boxes that the dog can't walk/climb on but the chickens can still jump on before jumping in the boxes.

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