Dog wounds: Please share some happy endings

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    One of my girls had a run in with a dog today, and I'm feeling pretty rotten. I am pretty shocked she's still alive. She's in a lot of shock, too.

    She's resting in a cat carrier behind me now. I treated her wounds with a home-made saline solution and neosporin. Now I guess I just wait, and pray for the best. She has food and water, but has only taken a couple little drinks when I held the water up to her beak. She's not interested in eating, and she's barely moving. She has just now lay down after standing up all evening.

    I guess I could do with a little optimism. Have you had any hens live happily ever after? Anything else I should do?
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    Its 50/50 since you can't see if there are internal injuries. Two things you can do is add unflavored Pedialyte to her water, that will help pull her out of the shock.

    Aspirin but hold off for a couple of days to see if she perks up after the Pedialyte.
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    I have a happy ending story for you! We had our dogs ( we don't have them anymore) a yellow lab and a border collie got one of our pearl white leg horns. Hubby was outside at the time and got to the dog and chicken right away. She was in shock and hubby didn't have much hope, but My son and I didn't want to give up on her so we brang her in the house and started looking her over. We discovered she had a pretty good puncture wound to the top of her back. I cleaned the wound best I could and put her in a box with some food and water. SHe was in bad shock and wouldn't even stand up. I kept trying to get her to drink but she wasn't intrested in it at all. i figured she would die. The next day she was the same. I decided to put some blue lotion ( used for wounds on horse and other animals ) on her wound. Hubby uses it on everything so i though what the heck couldn't hurt. A day or two later she was standing up and eating and drinking. She still slept more than normal but I was so excited. At about two weeks hubby made me more her outside because she kept flying out of the box!! I decided to name her Reba. ( because of her song Im a survivor) She joined the other hens and did great! I put the blue lotion on every couple of days to keep the other chickens from bothering her wound. She is happy and healthy to this day! Hope you have a happy ending too! What are the injures? might try the blue lotion.

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