Dogs attacked my chickens


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Sep 24, 2013
Ok... So our new neighborhood is very open with no fences and dogs that roam everyone's yards. Well two dogs (I've never seen till today), a St. Bernard looking one and a three legged lab/Rottweiler looking one attacked our chickens today- ...huge quarter size gash in one that ended up needing staples, and another's back went bald from the dogs ripping it's feathers out. The larger one (St Bernard one) almost attacked our kids but luckily my hubby was right there. Never thought I would ever need to take chickens to a vet but we did.
They attacked them right in front of our outdoor garage than chased them into our garage than chased them around in our backyard in the wooded area!
I've been told that once dogs taste blood, they end up coming back and usually go up the "chain" in attacking and will eventually attack kids and adults.
Well, we think we might know who the owners are.
We want our kids to be and feel safe while they play outside and not worry about dogs eating and attacking our chickens and maybe even attacking them too.
What would you do?
I already called animal control and filed a report. This is the first attack we have had with a dog.
I might have to say that if it comes back ready to attack again, I'm getting my shotgun out.

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I'd make/buy your chickens a large inclosed run. No more free range with all those dogs around! Even if it's not the two you saw today, more will come, and have the prey instinct to chase and take down- your chickens. If they are in a safe run where dogs can't get to them your issue is solved. No more beat up chickens, and the dogs will eventually give up because they can no longer get close enough to chase them. Keep your kids inside unless you are right there with them, just incase the dogs are dangerous. Good luck!
Can you fence in your yard? My husband liked the idea of chickens free-ranging & tick control for our dogs. Picture is how he built the coop :)

Thank you to you both! I need a fence for sure and plan on making a bigger run for sure. Those pictures are very helpful and he did a beautiful job on your chicken coop and run.
Thank you!! :)

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