Domestic Duck Identification


7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
My little mallard duckling who was given to us by an acquaintance is now about a month old. I was reading that domestic ducks in WA state must be marked by pinioning, removing a toe, a tattoo or a fused metal leg band.

I won't pinion or remove a toe. I don't know who would do a tattoo and wouldn't a metal leg band cause problems with winter temperatures?

Is this really necessary? I plan on clipping her wings to prevent flight, but pinioning sounds so extreme.

leg bands have been made to fit loosely around the leg. It is best to follow the rules so the state doesnt come in ad remove the duck from your possession. (which they legal could do if it is not marked as a domestic) HOWEVER if the duck was taken from the wild, or "rescued" as a duckling, it is not a domestic duck and should not be marked.

this is a picture of call ducks, the girl in the back has a green metal leg band


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