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    Apr 9, 2011
    Are there any breeds that are dominate red (i.e. RIR,New Hampshire,or Buckeye)? OR, are they all Dominate?
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    Jul 19, 2008
    Quote:Genetics 101

    Birds like the rhode island red are red because of a number of genes- so there is not a dominant red gene.

    In males, you have to think of them as a black bird. Then there are genes that remove the black and replace the black with red or white. The same is true for a female but it gets more complicated with them.

    It takes 4 different genes to make a black-tailed red bird.

    One is called wheaten- this gene adds black to the wings, tail, and breast.

    gold- adds red to the pyle region- pyle region is the red area on a black breasted red bird

    columbian- removes black from certain parts of the wing, breast, and from hackles and head

    mahogany- makes any red a darker red color- also removes some black from wings and hackles

    In the end, the only black in the bird would be in the tail and wings. The rest is red.


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