Dominique? Hen or Roo?


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5 Years
Apr 13, 2014
4.5 month old from Murray McMurray. If he's a he, that will make the 4th out of 15 supposed girls that turned out to be boys. :(

MM has an error guarantee, get with them and send them pics and they will reimburse for any birds that went over the limit. So if they sent you say 2 extras then they will refund you for 2 birds.
Agree that's a cockerel. MMM has always had great customer service, I agree you should contact them and have them make it right for you.
Definitely a rooster. I can tell because of the long, pointed saddle (lower back) and sickle (tail) feathers, as well as the light coloring. Dominique hens are much darker in color.

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