Don't know the breed.


Aug 8, 2016
Since there are a lot of people good at chicken breeds thought maybe you can help!
I have 6 chickens. Believe 5 of them are boys! (Not the plan!) Would love to know what kinds they are though! Especially my fluffy footed one since he's my favorite and probably the one who is going to stay and not be traded!



Looks like you're right on the genders.

The pullet is (I think ) a gold Campine.
the fluffy young man is a bantam Cochin. His color looks mixed, it doesn't fit any recognized color. It's very striking, though, like someone dripped silver paint down on him

I can't see the other males well enough to be sure of breed. If you want, get better pics and I'll give it a go. Or, someone with younger eye might be able to ID them from these pics
The all black one is a Sumatra. The Cochin is Birchen. The red cockerel looks like a Buttercup. The Campine is a pullet, and the only one. The other two could be Old English Game bantams.
I pretty much agree with Junebuggena.
The fluffy footed looks like a silver penciled or birchen cochin roo. ADDORIBLE
The red rooster is definitely a Buttercup. The one hen looks like a Campine. The black and white one with the most black definitely looks like Old English Game but the other does not. Not sure on that though. And the black one looks like a Sumatra roo. Those are some really neat breeds. Too bad they're almost all roos.
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