Don't Know what else to do, so asking for prayers

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    Apr 29, 2007
    This is not for me but for my cousin, Raymond. I sent an email to friends and family to try and help a friend with a charity she is working for, no big deal just asking for Jeans to be sent to her for her charity.
    My cousin, Raymond, sent me a nasty email back, honestly it kind of shocked me but really shouldn't have.
    My Uncle, Raymond aka Okie, passed away in 1997 from Lung Cancer. Raymond was his only son and oldest child. Raymond apparently has had a hard time dealing with his dad's death. He has pretty much alienated the entire family and I think he may be an alcoholic.
    Our entire family was raised with good honest values and a religious background, I have all the faith in the world that no matter what my Uncle did before his death, that he had his life right with God when he died.
    I just hurt for my cousin, I can't imagine the pain he must be in to lash out the way he did.
    Please lift him up in prayer that he can find his way back to the light and back to his family, I am sure my Aunt and his sister all are hurting by his attitude and actions.
    Yes, I am hurt by his response but I am tough and will get over it, I am more concerned with him and how he is doing.

    Thanks for any and all prayers, I know they will help.
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    It stinks when family is like this. I have an adopted sister and brother from Korea and they both turned on the family and left. They had awful things happen to them in Korea before they left and maybe that had something to do with it but my parents gave them everything they could and they just spit on them and turned away. I know how that feels as my sister totally lashed out at the whole family for no reason other than something I guess she thought I was going to do. I was trying to tell her I couldnt be in the wedding party but I think she was thinking I was going to tell her to not get married. It turned into an all out attack on my family with her even saying my parents did not love them and threating to make accusation about them....she is really messed up and I could go on but the point is, I know what that makes you feel like and it stinks. It seems like there is nothing you can do but pray... and really that is most likely the best thing you can do... so I will pray for your family. [​IMG] It is good you saw that even though it was hurtful to you it was really about something else. Have a better day!

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