Dont know what to do for bumble foot...

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    May 19, 2008
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    My hens foot is swollen up huge... with a big black "plug" on the bottom of her foot. The swelling is also on the top of the foot...
    Is it too far gone to use the fish antibiotics soak?? Should i just do the surgery?
    I dont really want to do the surgery though ... (I dont like cutting into animals with no pain meds for them...)
    A bird vet is out of the question.. too much money...
    I wont let her suffer... i can just put her down if need be..... [​IMG]
    But..i'd like to try to save her if i can....
    How would you go about it?
    Dang!!,.. never thought i'd have to deal with this bumble foot crud.... [​IMG]
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    You can try the antibiotics dip... might help bring it down... but you will have to, at some point, remove the scab and get the gunk out... I'm dealing with this too with one of my silkies... She has a very small scab... and I'm going to start the soaking tonight.

    Best of luck...

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  3. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    Quote:What are you soaking in?? The fish antibiotics?
    Do i have to soak her foot to soften up the scab?? What should i soak her in? Epsom salts and betadine?

    I hate this crud.. i never know the best thing to do for them ... [​IMG]
  4. peachychick

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    Soak her foot in Epsom salt, about 20 min, until scab gets soft and you can pull off. Get as much gunk as you can (it looks like yellow, rubbery, cottage cheese) out with gloves and tweezers on. Then pack the wound with turmeric and neosporin. I have read that bumblefoot is a form of staph and turmeric (bright yellow Indian spice) kills it. Put a piece of gauze over the whole glob and duct tape on so she can't peck it off.
    We did this on Monday and by Wed. the swelling in her foot was half the original size, normal temp and she is getting around great. We repeated Wed (- soaking) and will take it off and look again tomorrow.
    Good luck and hope it works as well for you. this almost seems too good to be true. My next plan was to order the koi fish treatment, but hopefully we won't have to [​IMG]
  5. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    Quote:Thanks!!!!!!!!! I'm making a supplies list right now...
    Hopefully i can save her! [​IMG]
  6. dawg53

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    Tricide neo works IF you're prepared to soak her foot daily for 7 minutes over a period of a couple of weeks or more. redhen, it sounds like your bumblefoot is pretty far along. I recommend you follow peachychick's excellent advice and get it out ASAP before the infection works itself in deeper to the bone. Peachychick, I've never heard of the tumeric being used because neosporin and/or triple antibiotic has done a superb job by themselves for me. I just got through performing surgery this past Sunday on one of my Red Stars' feet, both feet had bumblefoot. Both her feet have healed and I released her from the hospital cage into the yard this afternoon and she's walking normal etc...just being a chicken lol.
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