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May 15, 2013
We have a small flock, 2 Buff Orpington Pullets, Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen, Gold Laced Wyandotte Pullet, Jersey Gian Pullet and we had a rooster that we eliminated Saturday. Saturday, we also introduced a new duo to the flock, an Ameraucana pullet & cockrell, the girls are not dealing well with the new addittions. They pecked at them immediately (which I know is normal) but it doesnt seem to be getting any better. My poor Ameraucana birds won't even come out of the coop and if they do the GLW & JG chase them around pecking at them until they go back on and get on the roost. Any suggestions on what to do? We introduced the SLW a few months ago and it was not this bad, I'm afraid it's never going to get better :( I need advice, please.
How much space do you have? What are the respective ages of the birds involved, are they roughly similar or is there a size difference?

Usually the best thing (well, the best thing is to fully quarantine new birds for a few weeks, but we're past that now) is to physically separate the newbies but still have a visual, like a shared fence. This allows the initial aggression to wan and the birds to get used to each other without physical damage.

It's only been 2 days, though, it usually takes a while longer for birds to adjust to newbies and the newbies to find their place in the flock.
Feed and water in a separate location, get them out of the coop and pen (if in one) where they have hiding places, give everyone a treat when taking them out of the coop, preferably something that will take a while to demolish, like big chunks of a watermelon, two flock blocks, a cabbage, etc.

Or make the new ones a separate pen next to the old ones and let them get accustomed to each other through a fence for a few weeks.

If no blood is being drawn, you can also just let them work it out, if you can ensure that everyone has food and water. Put them in the coop at night if needed, and put them out in the morning. Might be hunting eggs for a while....

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