Don't know what's going in with chook

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    May 7, 2016
    Hey all.
    I have three beautiful brown shaver chooks. Just last week, Dixie (my alpha hen) layed a soft shelled egg that burst, thankfully outside her. Anyway, she was very unwell as the egg membrane got stuck in her bottom so took her to vets. 2 days later, she layed another burst shell less egg just on the ground and later the same day layed another whole shell less egg in the nesting box. I took her back to the vets. Since then she hasn't layed any eggs whatsoever and she's just not been her usual lively self. She walks around pooping this white foamy liquid too, and quite a lot if it too.

    So, she's fully vaccinated from several chicken viruses, she is on calcium medication, she's been treated with antibiotics, she's been tested for mites, worms and other parasites... No traces. No other traces of anything else in her poop sample. She's not egg bound as we can't feel any egg stuck there and she definitely doesn't have egg peritonitis as I lost a chook to that in November so I know what that's like. She's eating okay now and she's drinking water. But she is just miserable and this white liquid foamy poop and no eggs is concerning.

    Anyone with any other ideas what could be going in here?

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