Don't know whats wrong with two chicks I found

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    Aug 3, 2015
    Edinburg, Tx
    Age: 2-3 days old

    # Chicks: 2

    -Mouths open
    -Extending neck
    -Chicks aren't walking (splay leg? their legs are towards the back)
    -Eyes closed

    Found two chicks by themselves. I'm not sure if they got lost or were left behind by the momma hen. There 10 siblings are doing great. Except these two that I found. They're moving around and won't stay still. There legs aren't working they're just wiggling around. I did find one with poopy vent (cleaned the chick up when I saw it) but the other chick didn't have poopy vent. When I brought them inside I tried to give them Poulty Red Cell mixed with water but they didn't like it very much. So I gave them drops of water every time they opened there mouth with 3ml syringe. Do you think they're dehydrated? what could cause them to go from chirpy like there siblings to mouth opened extending there necks every couple of seconds with there eyes closed.
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    Jun 6, 2012
    Keep them warm and draft free
    They need water and food if they are 3 days old. You may have to dip their beaks in the water and food.
    They could have been on the edge of the clutch and gotten a chill in the egg while developing and hatching. That was a large set of eggs.
    Hope it works out for the good.

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