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  1. mamarosa

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    Apr 30, 2008
    City girl with country question?
    can you have a chicken run and coop near a vegetable garden?
    With all the news about ecoli in lettuce, tomato and such just wondering?
    I have 24 hens 5 australorps, 5 rhode island reds, 5 buff orpongtons, 5 barred rocks, 4 isa browns

    the coop and run are in but the garden is not and would like to put 2 raised bed organic gardens nearby

    any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. ChuckenGirl

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    Dec 22, 2007
    Maryland :)
    this would go in the coop topic.

    I personally dont see a problem with putting a chicken coop WITH a run, but if your going to let them run loose it might not be a good idea unless you fence the garden. Plus i dont think home grown veggies that are well taken care of can get ecoli and those diseases but if your wondering about the chickens better safe then sorry and keep the coop away.

    hope that helped.

    oh and welcome to byc!! You'll love it here :]
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