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    So we've got a turkey who looks like he has a bowed leg. I dont know what to do he's not very active and its almost always sleeping. What should we do he's about a month old now? JPEG_20190427_011912_3786119442154126666.jpg JPEG_20190427_012047_4424851668391629938.jpg
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    Slipped tendon. It can be caused by improper nutrition and insufficient niacin and thiamine.

    You have to manually manipulate the tendon back into the groove on the back of the hock. Then fashion a sort of brace to keep it in place.

    Give it a good turkey or gamebird starter that is 28% to 30% protein and has the high levels of lysine, methionine and niacin that turkey poults need.

    Also give it a good vitamin B complex at the rate of 1/2 capsule or tablet mixed in one gallon of water. Do not mix anything else in the water and make it the only source of water available. It should be made fresh daily.

    The only other option is to cull it.

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