Don't pull the umbilical cord

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    Mar 27, 2012
    I recently put some fertilized eggs i ordered online under a hen that had gone broody. My first hatch. On Thursday, three hatched (five remain unhatchd) one died early on, one is healthy and doing well. The third looked scrawny and wet even after the other two had fluffed out.
    I checked her today, picked her up and inspected for the first time. She was pasted up pretty bad. I used a wet towel to loosen it, and gently pulled a bit. As I did this, it detached from her vent, but at the same time it pulled out what looked like intestines. So I think what happened was it was actually the umbilical cord. I feel awful.
    I had read about pasting but never anything about the umbilical cord. I tried to gently push it all back in (about a half inch of intestine) but it wouldn't go.. I tried to put her back but momma and sister kept pecking and pulling at it. I took her out and put some sugar and a bandaid on it (which I read on these forums). I have her by herself in a brooder in the house. She is still alive after about 6 hours, sleeping quietly. I haven't seen her eat or drink. I don't think she will survive.
    I feel absolutely horrible about it all. I just wanted to post this so someone like me who didnt know might see this post and learn from my mistake.
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    May 30, 2010
    Mistakes happen. It's how we learn. Try not to feel too bad about it.

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