dont"t get along


9 Years
Oct 8, 2010
I have 6 Rhode Island pullets that just started laying, and 4 Exchequer pulletts tha are a month younger, both groups are seperated in the yard with a fence for about 2 weeks, these 2 groups werenot raised together. whenever I try to put them together in the same pen the older reds start after the smaller ones and won" t let up. Any suggestions ...
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You might check out this thread. I think it will help.
I have found that Reds are very territorial. Last night was the first night that I put my Barred Rocks in with the Reds. Got up early to check on them. Seems like everything went pretty smooth. My Rocks are 17 weeks old and my Reds are about 31 weeks old. I put the Rocks in the coop after the Reds were already up for the night and I have a seperate roost for them. So far so good. When I started them free ranging together we had some problems but that worked out within a day or two, but in the same pen I dont know how it would have been. My Reds will even go after the ducks in the yard.

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