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    May 7, 2010
    last night i got home past dark. The neighbor's toy dog was slinking out of the coop as I pulled up so I wanted to check and make sure all was well. I walked in and did a quick check and counted 14 full grown chickens and only 2 little pullets. There should have been three pullets so I started shuffling around looking for a mangled body but couldn't find anything. I looked up because I heard a pullet cheeping away from the other two. That's when I noticed my anti-social wynadottes all standing outside the nesting boxes. usually one likes to sleep in a box and my white leghorn too. But all were standing outside it looking in one of the empty boxes. I looked too, and there she was. Turning around and around like she was performing. She saw me and squeezed between the wynadotte and the leghorn and jumped onto the ground and ran over to her "sisters." The leghorn growled like she usually does and jumped into her nest box, glad the show was over.

    The pullet, not to be outdone, jumped up on the low perch, rang the bell with her beak and continued to "perform." That's when I saw that she was holding a cricket in her beak. She didn't quite know what to do with it but hadn't swallowed it either. As soon as I went to pick her up she downed the cricket and started her "HELP ME HELP ME!" cheeps.

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    So many bits in that story were adorable!
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    Too bad they didn't have the little dog in the beaks! Sounds like she was having a good time though.
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    Ah, life with chickens.... How did we survive before?

    Thanks for sharing!

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