Don't want treat????


11 Years
Jan 12, 2009
My ladies are 11 weeks old and have not taken any treats. Including a big piece of watermelon I brought out to them.

I am trying to get them to like me a bit more with out pushing it, so I bring out the treat and wait then if they won't come over I will put it on the ground a little away from me. But nothing, I even left the watermelon in the coop for a couple hours but they had no interest.

Is there something that no chicken would refuse???

By the way they will let me pet them when I bring out their food in the morning. So they do know I bring food and are happy about it.
My girls are all stuffers! I can't even walk by without them thinking its for them, you'd think they were starving or something!
I don't know what to tell you to try, because mine just love watermelon. I've heard that its one of their favorites. I know with mine, it sure is. Maybe some others will have a fail proof treat for you to try. Don't give up, they'll take the bait!
Have you tried Meal Worms? Today I thought I'd be nice and let the girls wonder in "my" yard instead of theirs. Theirs by the way is very large. They immediately headed for the veggie garden. All I had to do was pick up the container of meal worms and they pretty much beat me back to their yard.
Good Luck
Mine love raisins. I tried giving left-over Macaw food and found my roo picking through it to get at something. It turned out to be raisins. Now I buy them in 2-pound bags on eBay and give them as treats. They all eat of of my hands, but sometimes I have to count my fingers when I'm done!
Try hard boiled eggs. I hold one in my hand with just a little of the egg showing and they go crazy. I have 3 seperate flocks, two of which isn't very tame. They come to me for egg treats though. Good Luck and keep experimenting. They will figure it out.
WHen I put a watermelon rind with quite a bit of flesh left on it in their run, my girls all huddled at the opposite end. I placed some crumbles on it, figuring that the crumbles would absorb some flavor and then they would decide they liked it and thence eat it.

No luck. They ate the crumbles and then promptly fled.

Mine don't even eat cracked corn
Here's one I love:

Lay an old tire on the ground (I love old tires, too) and pile on some grass clippings, straw, leaves, etc. Then wet it all down and keep it moist for a day or two. Then flip it over late one morning to expose all the creepy crawlies that have set up camp beneath the tire.

I doubt any chicken could resist such a feast.
Thanks everyone, the tasted some yogurt but weren't thrilled. I am going to pick up some meal worms this week.

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