Dorito has us trained....


5 Years
Sep 12, 2015
Dayton, OH
A couple months ago someone dumped a hen on our farm. Since then she's caused chaos. We love her to death but wow she is full of shenanigans! Tries to get on the kids school bus, chases cars, bites toes, etc. Since she showed up she's been living with our horse so she's free range since I don't have buddies for her. (Buddies are in the works so within a week she's moving into the coop with some friends)

Well this chicken has us trained. Plenty of room in the barns to stay nice and cozy but she chooses to stand in the snow right outside the kitchen window shivering because she knows we will see her and let her in the warm garage (we have bunnies in the garage we don't actually use it as a garage).

My son decided he wanted a picture with her since he just collected all her eggs. We were sick last week so we didn't get around to collecting eggs until today, 12 eggs in a week!


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