Dorking Roosters


8 Years
Dec 30, 2011
I joined this forum as a way to start over. My first attempt at raising chickens has been one fiasco after another. I got myself 8 dorking hens and a rooster to replace 12 chicks that never made it to maturity. Well most anyway. Of the first brood only the roosters survived so I actually have 3 roosters and 8 hens. I'm done with trying to raise a specialty breed and am looking to trade for any sort of generic breed of bird. Would prefer any crossbred chickens. My hens may be sterile but I'm not sure. They haven't laid once since molting. It has been suggested that I extend their daylight with a lamp or two so I may try that before I decide they need to be eaten. I have enough pets to feed. I'm in the KCK area. [email protected]
from Twentynine Palms in the California high desert!
Sorry to hear of your troubles. I'm new but have been pouring over what seems to be an excellent resource book called "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens." You may find the answer to your troubles in there, but my first inkling is perhaps some kind of mineral or vitamin deficiency; maybe try a different feed or supplement? Again, I'm brand new to chicken raising so I'll defer to the much more experienced folks here, but if you can maybe check out that book and see if you can find some solutions there. Wishing you the best of luck.

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