Dose crum have grit in it


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Aug 27, 2013
Hi all I'm new to keeping chickens and keep reading about feeding chicks grit to help with digestion. My chicks are 5-6 weeks and I noticed a nettle in the back of my garden so I put in for them, they played like made with it but now I'm thinking was it a bad idea. I don't have any grit in the coop just chick crum. Any advise on what to do if anything?
I don't think crumbles usually have grit as it isn't necessary with crumbles. If your birds are ranging out into the yard they are likely eating a little grit and gravel as they peck and scratch. You can probably purchase some chick grit at a farm store, or just give them some sand - either free choice or sprinkle a little (like you were salting your food) into their crumbles.
Thanks, I live close to the beach so il pick some sand up from there.
If it is commercial chick starter crumbles they usually don't, but some of the smaller organic or locally made types will. It is usually listed on the bag in the ingredient list if there is. Like redsoxs said you can give them some or they will be able to find it outside.

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