Double Egg Bound and Prolapse


Jan 4, 2016
Please help- I've read a ton of posts on this subject but nothing that covers my issue specifically enough...or maybe im just super worried about my girl-either way, please indulge me! This is my first flock, I have little experience and am learning new things everyday!

Yesterday I noticed my 6 month old Silkie doing a funny dance. I picked her up and her backside was covered in poop. Long story short, my girl was prolapsed with two eggs stuck(i could visibly see the first and could feel the second). I tried a lot of different things-warm bath, lubricant, etc. She just kept pushing but nothing was budging. Worried she may have been suffering for awhile and could be backed up, I basically put my fingers on each side of the egg and pushed toward her while she pushed in the opposite direction. It took some time as I was trying not to break any tissue but eventually one very small egg came out and not too long after I helped her with a much larger one (a little smaller than a normal redsexlink egg). I bathed her again to clean her up and put Witch Hazel on her prolapse and tried to push it back in, but it just kept falling out. I let her rest and have put her in a dark room with little food. She would not take calcium tablets but did eat some crushed up eggshell.

This morning her prolapse had shrunk but was covered in poop. It seems like its just leaking out of her.
Today I gave her Pedialyte which she took well, and applied Preperation H. After a warm bath and scrubbing the poop off of her, I tried to fix her prolapse and it just fell out again.

Is there anything else I can do for this girl? What am I looking for? Will her prolapse shrink and fix itself? I love her so much and want to do what i can for her but if there are signs that it would be more humane to cull, I understand and do not want to see her suffer.

I love this community of folks, I'm always here looking for answers to my chicky questions and it would mean the world to me if someone with experience would take the time to give this amateur some answers! :) thank you so much for your time.


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I don't have any helpful advice for you, personally I would have culled her because that's how we have dealt with prolapse, I know how hard it can be to deal with it and I have dealt with it in sheep and cows, hopefully someone who has had some success will help you out, I'm sorry for your little hen, good luck.


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I would give it a few days of applying honey or Prep H for the swelling. Keep the inner vent tissue moist with this to prevent it from drying out , and as clean as possible. She may have some damage from the tissue being swelled with the 2 eggs. If you have a vet in your area that can put in a suture or a temporary purse string suture in the vent, it might help. One person happened to have their large animal vet do that once to a chicken with a bad prolapse, and it helped. Keep in mind that many hens do not survive a bad prolapse, and it can happen again later.

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