Double egg layer


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
My guinea hen has been laying 2 eggs almost every single day, one in the morning & one at bedtime..she has given me 30 eggs in just over 2 weeks..will she ever go broody?? & how common is it for them to lay 2 eggs a day?
she is young & this is her first time laying
I have no idea how common it is for them to lay two eggs a day. I have more than one hen and they will often share a nest and one will go broody when there are about 40 eggs in the nest. As for the two eggs a day thing I have no idea. Sorry I could not be more help.
As far as I know we've never gotten two eggs from one guinea hen in one day.

It could be because she's young, and she may grow out of it. But if you're lucky she won't and you can very easily increase your flock of guineas that way, or sell the eggs. (If you have a cock that is. You could always sell the eggs as eating eggs though)

She most likely will go broody when she finds the right nesting place.

Good luck

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