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    I bought a 'playhouse' from the local high school shop class and since mid-June it has been sitting in our driveway. We finally were able to get a boom truck to move it into our yard. It was too heavy for us old folks to lift, and it needed to be lifted over an arbor to be put in place. The coop was moved over the fence and arbor yesterday, and it is in its permanent place now; DH began roofing today and the final closing long as he has it done before the snow flies I'll be happy. (as will the girls, I think. )

    Before the big move... [​IMG]

    Up and over... [​IMG]

    Turn it around...and lower it [​IMG]

    To its resting place! [​IMG]
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    Very nice.

    Looks like the coop flies better than chickens. [​IMG]


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