Double wiring safe?


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
I FINALLY convinced my hubby to buy hardware cloth for the wire of the run! YAY!

We currently have welded wire which we will keep up and double wire with the hardware cloth either inside or outside the welded wire.

Will this keep it safe enough, so I can keep the door open at night and keep the girls safe? We will secure every hole! We are doing this in the next couple weeks and keeping the coop door open will keep the coop cooler at night or maybe they will sleep in the run on the super hot days.

Here's my run now.
If every single hole larger than 1" x 1" is securely covered, and the lock on the door is one that raccoons can't pick, and there aren't any boards that can be pried off you should be ok. Raccoons and coyotes might be able to pry up that metal sheeting, depending on how it's attached.

Check your coop each day for weak spots or any sign of attempted penetration by the bad guys.

I found a nice corner fan at home depot for $4.50 a couple weeks ago, I put it in the corner of my coop and switch it on during hot nights. It's very low power, doesn't put cold drafts on them. That way I can keep the coop locked.
We are going with the 1/2 inch? Or smaller. Our welded wire is buried 18 inches in the ground. The double wire hopefully will make it more secure. We are adding a fan as well, but I want that door open, especially when we leave for the weekend. Then I need someone come once a day vs twice.
I'll make sure there are no holes or weak spots. I'm mostly worried about weasels. Our run is secure from dogs and raccoons.

I know the coop is most secure, especially that its in our garage behind a steel door and concrete floor.
I use the 1/2". On the new addition to my coop it will be double layer, nailed to the inside and outside of the framing.

Now if only my hens were also double layers- one egg in the morning, one in the afternoon.
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