double yolk question


12 Years
Jan 23, 2008
my girl has only been laying about 2 weeks or so. This morning I was making eggs for my son and had 2 double yolkers. But one of them, the yolks were attached to each other. Kind of like conjoined. It kind of creeped me out so I threw that one out but my question is was there really anything wrong with it like that?
Nothing wrong with it for eating-double treat! Bad idea to hatch cause that will give you stuck together babies unlike a normal double yolk which just makes hatches very hard.
About a third of our eggs are double yolks, at this time. I treasure them! Had a triple-yolker from a huge girl during her first week of laying. I've been told that until pullets settle into a pattern to expect a larger percentage of those- ovulation and shell formation takes some coordination!

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