Double Yolks for beginners or old-timers?


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Aug 1, 2010
The shortened version is this. I have 2 Buckeye hens, 1 of which had just been broody but not successful in hatching out eggs. They are also in with some bantams and some of this summers TSC Brown egg Layer chicks, that are about laying size at this time. During the time I've had the Buckeyes, they've never given me double yolks and usually have a normal shape egg with dark brown color. The last two eggs from that pen have been a lighter shade of brown and more oblong shape. I had one this morning and it was a double yolk. So, my question is, could the first eggs that a new hen lays be a double yolk? Or does a chickens eggs shape and color change over time? I believe the hens I got from TSC should be mostly Rhode Island Reds, Buffs and there does appear to be one Bramha. There is 1 white leghorn, but it's out since it will lay white eggs and these definately have brown tint to them.


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Jun 4, 2011
Three of my young RIRs starting laying a month or so ago. Last week I gave 6 eggs to my friend and SHE got my first double yolker...She was thrilled...i was a little bummed...LOL.

Anyway, I'm no expert, but I'm gonna guess a double yolker could happen anytime


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My oldest white leghorn would lay a slightly brown-tinted double yolker, were oblong and always contained doubles. Double yolkers are usually from hens who ovulate improperly and this could be, but may not always be, from age, as it was for my oldster.

If a young pullet starts out this way, look for possible reproductive abnormalities for her future. When I finally culled my old Moby Dick, she had a huge mass inside of her that looked like layers upon layers of egg was very weird. She showed no symptoms of this except she finally stopped laying altogether.

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