Double yolks, soft shell, now multiple eggs! Suggestions????

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  1. I have a hen that gave me an egg from her roost late yesterday afternoon. It was soft shelled but was intact. Yolk ok, white ok. I have had a few of these, but wasnt sure who laid it. These were in the begining of her egg days. (She is 5 months old). I wasnt concerned because they were new layers.

    Yesterday i picked up my 7 eggs from 7 hens like usual. ( i am so lucky!!!!) I know she already had left me an egg. So this was #2 for the day. Kinda concerned, but her vent looked ok, she looked ok. I checked he over realy good after she was done with the soft shelled egg. She got down off my lap, ate like normal and continued to go about her business.

    This morning when i let the hens n roos out of their coop i noticed a glob of soft shell and yolk under where she was perched. Concern really starting now. I stuck my head out of the coop, she was putzing around like normal, eating grass, etc. I came back in the coop and noticed another one, but it was kinda shaped like a water balloon. (tear drop shaped). I took it outside and broke the soft shell open and found nothing but the white and some stringy mucousy stuff. I grabbed her up, looked her over and she looks fine still. Vent ok, not prolapsed, nothing around it, no fever I dont think, nothing else showing.

    I also have been getting a lot of BIG double yolk eggs since day one, but not sure who it is coming from. Thinking it may be from her????

    Should I be worried, anyone have this happen???
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    I wouldn't worry to much yet. It took my one hen about a year to get her egg laying down to a science. Sometimes she was laying one normal egg, followed by one to two soft shelled eggs in a day. Some days she would just lay normally and others she was just laying goo puddles and membranes. My only suggestion is to keep an eye on her to make sure she continues to act normally and give her some time to get in the swing of things.
  3. That makes me feel better to hear that someone else has wierd layers! I have read a lot of other posts about the eggs and such, but have never had it happen to me! Yea, she seems to be fine. Acts fine, looks fine, vent fine.
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    Its common for new layers to be kinda funky for awhile. My Isa Brown laid a lot of double yolkers when she first started laying. Solf shelled eggs too.
  5. for how long? mine have been laying for about 2 months now. they started at 17 weeks.

    Notice the huge one?
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