Double yolks.....unusual ?


12 Years
Feb 15, 2008
My 16 pullets have just begun laying their first eggs. I have gotten two double yolk eggs with in the first twelve eggs laid.

Is this normal? Mind you, I am not complaining, they are extra tasty, just have not had these before with any my other chickens. :p :p

I have black Astralorpes, Delawares, buff Orpingtons and gold Sexlinks. No rooster.

So, are double yolks normal? Will they continue to lay double yolks? (I really hope so)

Are certain breeds more likely to lay double yolks?

Thanks for your input.

Double yolks in new layers are not unusual. I have BO's, RIR's an Ameraucana and I had two BSL hens. ALL of them at one time or another laid double yolkers. I even got a triple one time from my Ameraucana hen. Sadly, they don't keep doing it. As they mature and get the bugs worked out of their systems, they will stop laying the double yolkers, so enjoy them while they last.

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