Dove w/ no tail feathers


Oct 17, 2021
A couple days ago I saw a dove w/ no tail feathers in my neighbors yard. It could fly a couple feet in the air but would land back on the ground. Today it was eating bird seed outside my front door & walking around. I was able to catch it as it is not able to fly. I put in a kennel w/ fresh seed & water to keep safe overnight. Looking at it's back end you can see a white bone (assuming feather bone), not sure if I should take to the vet? Saw a large cat today after picking up it up & bringing inside, could be the culprit?


5 Years
Aug 11, 2016
How's the dove doing today? Do you have a photo of the tail area?

A cat could certainly harm a dove. If the dove is eating/drinking/pooping normally, it's possible that all the predator got was a mouthful of tailfeathers. 🤞

Is there a wild bird rehab facility that you could take the bird to? They should be equipped to handle wild bird health issues and potentially release the dove back into the wild, if appropriate.

Thanks for caring enough to try to help the bird. Best wishes.

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