Doves and ping pong balls

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    Sep 20, 2016
    I have 6 white doves, 2 of whom are nesting females. We actually started out with 3 doves, and then Feather Mills had babies with Mark Wahlbird... and here we are with 6 birds, and we don't want any more.

    We tried little bitty wooden eggs to see if it would keep them from laying eggs every 2 weeks. I have no idea what happened to those eggs, but they vanished into thin air.

    So every 2 weeks we practice little dovey birth control by paying attention to their habits and remove eggs as soon as we find them.

    I was at Dollar Tree recently, and saw some ping pong balls. I actually bought them to see if the ducks could be tricked into nesting.

    Well, the ducks didn't care about the ping pong balls at all. However, the doves started sitting on the ping pong balls, in the duck's house!! [​IMG]

    I've moved bedding and ping pong balls into the doves nesting boxes, and those little suckers take turns sitting on them day and night. Every so often we'll get one egg, probably because there is only one ball in the nest, and they always have 2 eggs at a time. They are so protective over these ping pong balls, that they peck and wing slap me when I go to check them for eggs!

    I'll have to try and get a photo, because seeing a little white dove trying to hatch a big white ping pong ball is pretty humorous!

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