Down to one hen now :( Need advice on adding a new flockmate(s)

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by chickenherd, May 23, 2019.

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    I got 20 week old laying hens from a farm near me to be with my lonely hen. I did the see not touch method. I have a run inside my big free range run with a small coop and I let them be in there for just a little while to get my hen used to them, I let them go and there was zero problems. I did the same with chicks (2 weeks old) and put them out there for about 2 weeks then I let them go, none of my hens have had any issue. Only time they get a bit annoyed is if one of the little ones try to steal their scraps. I believe the see but not touch method is one of the best ways to introduce chickens, but I don't just buy from anyone. I buy from a farm who regularly checks every chicken they sell for disease and treats them if needed. You cannot buy from them if they suspect disease until the situation has been full eradicated. I fully trust that every animal I buy from them is fully healthy. If you're just buying from anyone, I would quarantine so that your hen doesn't catch anything.

    I do like the chick idea that others have said where you put them in the coop where the hen can see them but not touch them.
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    Hi and welcome. Sorry for your loss! Personally I would look online for something like a juvenile. A chick baby you would have to brood it till it got old enough to intergrate. Best of luck.
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    I added three younger (not laying yet) hens to my group two years ago. It was rough for a bit. The older girls gave them a fit, but as time went on they all got together. I suspect it is going to be a fight no matter what (with your older solo hen). will work out.

    Your hen will probably seem like she hates you for the first couple of weeks of doing this - but once she settles in with them she'll be happy to have the company.
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    Oct 26, 2018
    Thank you all thus far so the great responses. Certainly am getting a lot of valuable info even though it seems the main consensus is that... you won't know for sure until you go through with it. I guess given the personalities of each hen, situations are always different.

    I have a question, is it necessary to quarantine far away? Would separating my coop in half with a partition be adequate for quarantine (coop is large 13x10), or should i be worried for airborne diseases that can travel from one side of the coop to the other even though there is no physical contact.
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    My Coop

    BYC Medical Quarantine Article
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    Oct 26, 2018

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