DP Rooster Stew for Supper Tonight


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
I took him out of the freezer yesterday before I left for work and put him in a pot of salt water to thaw. When I got home I fired up the wood stove, rinsed Mr. Roo, put him in a new pot of water and put him on the wood stove to cook. I kept the stove going all night, this morning I let him cool so I could get the bones and skin out, then I put in frozen vegies and potatoes from the garden, let it cook a couple more hours on the wood stove, made some home made dumplings, added them to the pot, made some potato biscuits, and had a meal fit for a king.
Leftovers???? Actually, I gave my BF a good size bowl to take home, he made 3 suppers out of it, I put several servings for me in the freezer, and poof its all gone.
For an orney mean ole rooster he sure was good eating. He wasn't people agressive, but wanted to mate everything, other rosters, the cats, the dogs, a post, he even looked at my horses a few times, and the hens hated him. The coop is much calmer with out him.

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