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May 23, 2009
cooped up
I have my brooder in the laundry room. The birds are almost 6 weeks old and doing great. We hope to move them outside to the new coop this weekend. I have been using the deep litter method, horse pellets and DE, but we are starting to get quite a bit of dust and odor. I cleaned it out and the smell is gone, but I was wondering, at this point could I open the window a bit? The window is above the brooder, and while they still have the heat lamp it is at 75, and it is 78 in the room.
Opening the window would be just fine at this point! Most chicks are fully feathered by six weeks and if they aren't will be by seven weeks. Go ahead and open that window!
My chicks are almost 5 weeks and I have them in my spare room with the window wide open and the heat lamp turned off. It is 81 and humid. I also have a second brooder in the same room with chicks 2 and 1/2 weeks old they have the heat lamp for them. I think it's safe for your babies at that age!
My chicks are 5 weeks and were brooded in the coop with good ventilation. They have been without the heat lamp for two nights now and are doing just great.


I have 15 birds that are well feathered and keeping each other warm.
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Mine are just over 6 weeks and have been outside in the coop/run for 3 weeks. I run the heat lamp at night to give them a little additional warmth because the nights have been getting a little chilly but they have been fine!!
Open the window!!

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