Drafty brooder


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
it has come time; to move them from the infant brooder to the teen hangout brooder...

however..the garage is drafty and they are 2 wks old today...

we have two heat lamps and a blow heater out there..but it IS a garage that is drafty...

we have no other option for them right now..as it is in the 40's on a good day right now
and 30's at night..

in the next few wks we should be able to get them into the coop/run -- about 2-3 wks
so they'd be feathered almost by then ...

but how much concern do I need to have about the draft in the garage?? they'll just
hover under the lamps right?? they are just WAY too tight in the baby brooder now..
Honestly, if I were you, (if you can, that is), you should probably move the larger brooder to a less drafty area. Better to be safe than sorry.
unfortunately; can't.

The only place left is the basement where my business is; and I CANNOT have the dust/noise down there while I'm working..

the only other place is the dirt floor shed..w/only one outlet..aqnd worse drafts
Plastic sheeting from the hardware store and a staple gun can remedy a lot of drafts. The dirt floor shed may be the best bet A bale of hay or shavings would make good bedding.

I just recently did this when I had to press one of my growout tractors into duty as a brooder.
well hubby had his "man-dea"...packing tape around the outsideo f our garage door lol..

have to say; so far..its warmed up about 10 degrees in there..its 58 now...
and we have our three lights up...

they are SUPER chirpy..not sure due to being switched environment or happy chirps..
babies are getting ran over by 2 wk old chicks wanting to run/fly lol..

they keep running to the other end...hoping to keep them out there..gonna ck continuously today

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