Dragged home four BB's and clueless!

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by dinydeek, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. dinydeek

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    May 3, 2015
    When I started with chickens a couple years ago, it seemed pretty easy.. so when I was offered a few 8 week old BB turkeys I figured, "how hard can it be?"

    Then henhouse has a separate section but I am finding quickly that 5 feet is NOTHING.

    They are about a THOUSAND times bigger then I thought.

    They LOVE me.

    I have a 10 by 10 run away from the henhouse which I thought would be perfect for the day and then I could lock them down securely at night in their section in the henhouse.

    They run panicked back and forth and cry and cry when I put them in the run.. I blocked a couple sides thinking they felt scared and too open- I make sure they have their water and food- but hour and hour they are only making happy noises and sounds when I sit there with them.

    They did fine through the cold nights we just had (henhouse is a converted large shed that is very secure and tight)and the weather is back to 60 tomorrow. They NEED to spend their days out there simply because it is a lot more room for them and from what I have read it is better to keep them separate from chicken area's as much as possible at this age. (correct?)

    So far they like the chickens and love to watch them, but most of my chickens are terrified of them! My shockingly gentle rooster cornered one that escaped it's space and gave it the what for before I could rescue it(a tiny scratch on the turk and it seemed unfazed) I have one 10 week old roo who is either sleeping on them(it was his brooder area before the turkeys) or trying to beat them up(he is hardly taller then their ankles ) and either way they just ignore him.

    We don't do medicated feed for our chickens but I suspect I should be for the Turks? They are goats! I put out veggie and fruit trays for the chickens and they get frantic to get to it- they lose their minds when they see banana's. Right now I gave them a game starter feed and they seem to like it fine but did not find any that was medicated.

    What I have learned- if I do Turks again they need their own house. They are shockingly friendly compared to even my incubated and hand raised chicks. And they eat and poo at unbelievable rates! They are obsessed with grit. Lastly, they love to "goose" me- not mad, just curious I think.. and I swear they laugh when I scream! :)

    So, when I put them in their run, will they get used to it eventually? Anything I can do to make them happy out there besides spending my day in there with them?

    Should I buy medicated feed for them?

    Can they have veggie and fruits like chickens(at their young age?)

    Thanks for any advice

    (My hubby has already told me that no more new critters on impulse! ) LOL
  2. feedman77

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    Jun 10, 2013
    broad breasted are meat turkeys. like cornish x chickens.

    keep them on a reduced feed plenty of range to walk.

    possibly by 16 to 18 weeks they could be 30+ lbs.

    Congrats on your new birds.
  3. dinydeek

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    May 3, 2015
    Yes, I read that BB's are for meat and we are good with that, but until they are big enough to butcher, I hope to keep them alive :) They are already little tanks so I can see where they would get that big so quickly.

    I am hoping this experience will prepare us for some heritage breeds. So, trying to learn as we go.

  4. Hardemans

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    May 8, 2014
    Welcome to the world of turkeys. THESE ARE NOT CHICKENS..... They have a personality. They are ultra inquisitive. Once you get heritage turkeys you will learn that the love to fly. We have 16 now. Had 22 at one point but turkeys also love to die for some reason. Anyway - to the positive side. They are great birds to have around. Once the toms grow they are less likely to fly but the hens are all over our place. On top the house, fence posts, tractor, etc.

    I free range mine. They do well and regardless of the weather like to sleep outside.

    Have fun.,..
  5. dinydeek

    dinydeek Out Of The Brooder

    May 3, 2015
    Ty! :) Yep, learning that very quickly! These 4 are more like puppies!

    I would LOVe to let both the turks and the chickens free range but I have very bold and plentiful coyotes around here and had to stop free ranging. I suspect these Turks would be sitting "ducks" since they think everything and everyone is a "friend".

    It is a beautiful 60 plus today and they are in the 10 by 10 run and crying like crazy for me! I figure eventually they will figure it out that it is okay to be by themselves!

    They decided to "play" with the chickens this morning and despite it not going very well they still want to hang with them! Craziest birds I have ever been around.

    We are hoping to coyote proof(well make it very difficult) a couple acres in the next couple years and I think I would love a few heritage to roam with the chickens-

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