Drake a pain in the butt?????? What do I do

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Aug 17, 2007
Toms River, NJ
I have a 9 month old Black runner duck pair. The hen is fine, the drake however is a pain. He chases my 6 month old Muscovy hen and won't quit. When separated the chickens and two duck hens are happy and relaxed. When the Drake is introduced everyone is tense and seem less happy. what to do. I'm thinking of getting rid of the drake. Any suggestions??

I'm new to ducks and have them as a favor gone bad.

Either get rid of the drake, or get him more hens. He's trying to do what drake's are made to do . If you want to keep him, he needs more hens to "spread the love"./
I had the same problem with my first Indian Runner male... he would chase and mount all of the Muscovy females - he caused mayhem but not for long... he was chased off by my Muscovy Drake - he is happy now as he has 8 Indian Runner females to chase..... exhausting, but he is happy!

Uh??? He doesn't bother the Runner female??? Confusing.... Personally I'd love a black Indian Runner - but you are too far away!
I agree, you need atleast 3 feamels to one male, but during spring, the drake will be doing this as it is breeding season, the behaviour will lessen over the next couple of months.
lets the female runner alone does mount her every once in a while

Suzie, I wish you were closer I'd drive him over tonight, lol

I really don't want any more ducks... no other takers????
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