Drake and female Swedish Pekin mix ducks


9 Years
Aug 11, 2010
Waterloo, South Carolina


I got these 2 ducks from another BYC member last year. They are beautiful and well bonded but now that Spring is in the air Tula the drake is fighting with everyone. I was hoping they would all get along as there is more than enough females to go around.
Tula and his buddy PomPom are up for sale as a pair as they go everywhere together so I would rather rehome him with a buddy so he has someone he knows in his new home. I think they were born last June so are not a year old yet.
Hopefully I can find someone on BYC to give these 2 beautiful ducks a good home. If interested PM me.
Thank You
darn i just mapquested you, im in NC right on the SC line, but three hours away
i would loove to have them
Didnt you just pick up 2 male ducks. Last thing you need just now is another drake, all they are going to do is fight and 1 or more of them will end up hurt really bad. You need a good 3 to 5 females per drake, so taking this drake is not a good idea. Plus poor PomPom would be bred to death with 3 males!!!!

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