Drake attacking chicken


5 Years
Jul 9, 2017
I have a Drake, a duck and four chickens (hens). One of my hens started to show signs of being pecked and today I saw my drake chasing her all around the coop. He pecks at her neck and back. He’s quite aggressive and then backs off. They grew up together as hatchlings - any idea what’s up?
If you are in the northern hemisphere, spring is beginning and hormones are flowing. Drakes are very sexually aggressive in the spring. I suspect he's trying to breed your hen, which isn't a good thing. Drakes have parts that are not compatible with chickens and he could hurt them. You may have to separate him.
Drakes shouldn't be kept with chicken hens unless they have plenty of duck hens to breed. If he manages to breed your chicken, he could kill it. Chickens aren't meant to accept penises.
Drake’s can be kept with chickens,while some cannot.Some knw species are different and some don’t or just don’t care .Seperate him or get more girls.

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