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11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
Hi there, this is my first duck year. I have 9 Muscovy ducks, (14 weeks old) and at the moment 2 drakes, which I raised from day-olds.
I would like to keep both of the drakes but I am worried that they will fight over the winter as they mature. They will be housed in a 7 x 6 foot coop, (with a wired run) I can relocate one of the drakes but I would love to keep them both. Does anyone have any experience of keeping muscovies in this ratio of duck to drake? I would love to hear from you.
Hate to be vague but it is going to depend on their personalities. I have 7 ducks, 2 are drakes, but the are best buds. That may change at some point, but for now they hang together and hate being separated. The girls are all fine so I will keep an eye on things, but leave them as they are unless something changes.
Had 5 drakes and 8 girls. One drake was one month older then the rest. 4 were bodies (related siblings) and the 5th was picking fights with them. That was even before they were mature. I guess the 5th one wanted to establish dominance. I basically had 7 girls and 4 boys that were related, and 1 girl and 1 boy that were from another hatch. I rehomed the 4 related boys, because I needed the other one for breeding down the road. That was the best thing ever. Now the flock is one uniform family. No fighting.

Ducks are good when you have 3-9 hens per drake. With muscovy you many even want a higher ratio. You can try to keep the 2nd drake, but you are fine with even one. Some may say keep one as a backup just in case of a predator getting one. But what do you do when they do start to become rivals. Can you separate them into two flocks? Something to think about.
Our back up plan is to eat TJ if trouble starts. He is related to 2 of my hens plus he is HUGE
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Thanks everyone, I shall go with the 2 for now and see how it goes. How could I choose!

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