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Jul 15, 2014
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I have 13 ducks and 5 drakes. I've watched mating and boy duck sex is rough. None of the girls have any feathers missing from their necks, how can I know if things are out of hand? Thank you in advance
If multiple drakes are gang breeding the hens, things are out of hand. Such behavior can lead to pelvic injuries and drowning if they are breeding in water.
The common ratios 2-3 ducks per drake. you have 2.6 per drake. It is not to bad of a ratio. I would watch to see if more than one drakes mating a duck at one time. Just keep an eye open and watch them. I think it could work.
Just remember that having too few drakes per hen can lower your fertility rates. Duck sports are naturally a bit rough, even if you only have two drakes, or one drake. Signs that it's too rough are broken feathers, limping hens, bald hens.... But, if you're hoping to have baby ducks, you really don't want to have more than three hens per drake (at least that's the golden rule for Muscovy) as fertility rates can start really dropping after that.

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