Dream while waiting on Eggs!


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11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
I'm a newbie here..... but have asked several questions and ya'll have been more tha helpful!

So my 2 Buff Orph. are 21 weeks... and I'm waiting on eggs!........... Must be stessing me out cuz I had a dream last night! (or I'm spending too much time on BYC?

Got my first egg (some reason me and this egg was at the gas station?) And it cracked open and 6-8 little mini chicks came out of it!!!

First of all I have no rooster so I'm not expecting any chicks!

And how do you get 6 chicks out of an egg?

And why were we at the gas station?

Anyways..... I'm lookin' for eggs.

Noblesville IN

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