Dripping wet chicken's


Feb 11, 2015
Earlier today I was cleaning out their coop and we had a torrential downpour of rain.
The birds wanted to retreat to the coop but wouldnt as I was inside cleaning. I saw one bird was literally soping wet.
I hope that thos dont have an affect on their welfare and health tonight. Hope its not too cold whilst they may be wet. Its apparently 9 degrees Celsius. The downpour was around 4 pm.
They should be fine. They need a shower every now and then. As long as the coop is dry and not drafty, and its not below freezing, they will be good to go in the morning.
I actually have blown-dried my girls when they've either had a bath(yes, occasionally the need it) lol, or have gotten caught in a bad rain! I've just wrapped them in a towel, calmed 'em down on my lap & start the blow dryer on the lowest setting. They seem to enjoy it...so much so that they begin to fall asleep and won't stand up...just sit. One of the girls will fall asleep in the sink if I let her! Lol
Thanks, that's what I thought. After weeks of dry H-O-T weather, it rained today and my ladies stayed out in it. The temps are down in the 80's (from 101+) and overcast. They have a dry and clean (every day) coop, and numerous dry hide-a-ways here at our Itty Bitty City Farm, and yet, they enjoyed the rain as much as their DE and sand dust baths!
Hell, my man came home soaking wet, and HE didn't get toweled! Went right out to the garden!
Am I lucky?! Yes indeed.

Like Mother, like Daughters, we are a tough group!
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