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Sep 14, 2019
hi all
We have a mid size family farm in central Chile where we grow cherries and wine grape
A farm with no animals is like a still nature painting so we try to have a few (what the farm can sustain) animals to enjoy seeing them grow and wonder around in a free and caring environment, and why not, once in a while we do sacrifice them for our enjoyment (lamb mainly)
In this line we have chicken (20-30) which are really lazy laying eggs, we had ducks that decided to leaves us I don’t know why, and a few weeks ago we found 5 samples of Toulouse geese, 2 male, 3 female which I hope to turn into a much larger flock and use them as natural weed controllers in the orchard and enjoy a few in our table
First thing we realized for this is we needed an incubator. I reviewed available options locally or imports and got decide to rather build one (300 eggs) to lower cost, but more so to feel closer to the farm-person link and also enjoying the support of my kids who are as enthusiast as my self
This is how I got to this site, got multiple tips and examples you can do it, learned the basics of incubating eggs, got design tips... and now we are mid way into building the incubator
I truly hope it works as we have spend a lot of time planning this and we actually live in the city so wont be there often to fine tune it
Any tips and experiences in projects like this and raising goose eggs more than welcome!
An thanks to all of you that have helped so far without even knowing, for your generosity and enthusiasm on this.


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