9 Years
May 24, 2010
wichita falls texas
At first she/he was foaming at the mouth (not out of the nose).now just a lot of drool ..they have water with their food ,not mixed just with it.I did let them swim for the first time in shallow warm water. So is it normal or what is wrong
She may have gotten into something poisonous.

Is she walking normally? Botulism poisoning causes them to look like they are drunk.

I would give her activated food grade charcoal in water right away. You can get it at drugstores, often, or health food stores. Or, if you burn only clean wood, you can grind up charcoal from the woodstove. Do not use the briquettes for grilling, they have nasty petroleum-based chemicals in them to make them burn faster.

There is a sticky for doing a digestive system flush, if you think she got into something.

Another thought is a sting. The charcoal may help with that, also.

I would put a couple of tablespoons of powdered charcoal into a pint of water for her.

It won't hurt her or any of the other ducks, either. It absorbs toxins.

Is she shaking her head as if to try to get something out of her mouth? Any swelling that you can see?
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She may have been bitten or stung, or got something ouchie in her mouth or throat.

Can you take a look? I know that may be difficult.

Do you have any apple cider vinegar (preferably unpasteurized)? I would put a teaspoon of that in a quart of water and give it to her. Just don't use a galvanized metal container.

Something else you could do, that may be even better if it's a sting, is soak some oatmeal (not the flavored kind, just plain oatmeal) in some warm water and let it cool, and give it to her. Make sure it's nice and wet and runny, mostly liquid.
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OK I will try the oats
Were they in very long? Sometimes at that age they can over drink, and then they kind of throw up water - they slosh.

I somehow envisioned that they were outdoors. But I think I pictured it all wrong.

If she has been just in the tub or a sink or a pan of warm water, unless it was too warm, I don't think that could present the kinds of problems I was thinking of.

Could she have taken a bite of soap or shampoo?

I need to turn in soon.Make sure she has plenty of fresh water. Have you read this?


Also since she is so young, have you been giving her chick grit? I would not give the oats if you have not been giving them a tiny bit of chick grit so they can "chew."

Just keep an eye on her. Make sure she is eating and drinking and pooping. How warm was the water? How warm is the brooder? Read the link I gave and just check the basics of food, water, bedding, heat, and so forth.

Please send an update - I plan to check in the morning.

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It was as warm as you would make for babies. Maybe in the Tub 10 min long enough to clean the border out. they have there game bird starter and fresh water. I don't think she got soap I sprayed the tub first. Eating ,drinking , and pooping good..but still drooling
How is she this morning?

Had they run out of water before their bath? If they aren't fully feathered, I would keep an eye on them in the tub. They could get into trouble if they are unsupervised.

Hope all is well this morning.

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